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Product Description

Get fit & have fun! Enjoy the convenience & personal touch of having a certified coach at your own home on a weekly basis for you and your friends / family. Expect to meet 1x / week for 60-minutes with workouts being 50-minutes in length.

Formats available (group size 1-12):

- Cardio Kickboxing:
Punch, kick & jab in this dance / kickboxing fitness workout (no equipment needed)!

- Zumba:
Dance to Latin & international rhythms (salsa, merengue, mambo, hip hop, latin pop, etc.) in this fun, fitness workout!

- Tai Chi:
Improve stability, balance and flexibility with this slow, mindful exercise method. This format is designed to improve stress levels as you quiet your mind and move with your breathing.

**CC convenience fee included in online checkout. Pay by cash or check for reduced rate. Thank you for understanding.
**Instructor travel rate not included in base rate. Please contact us if you'd like to talk about your ideal location for this weekly service.