Open Gym

Have you trained with us for at least 12 weeks?

Do you currently hold a monthly member subscription?

If so, you're eligible for Open Gym! Schedule your own personal workouts inside the Atlas facility by logging in to your online client account. Look under "Resources" to find the current "Open Gym Scheduler" link.

If you're interested in Open Gym eligibility, please contact us directly to get set up!


- Dual cable machine w/ variety of attachments

-Free weights (3 - 60 lb.)

- Full rack

- Barbell (45 lb.)

- Barbell (25 lb.)

- Plates (2.5 - 45 lb.)

- Medicine Balls (2 - 8 lb.)

- Kettlebells (25 - 55 lb.)

- Stability Balls

- Plyo boxes (different heights)

- Soft tissue release tools

- Mats

- Bands

- Variety of other small equipment

A certified trainer will be there to ensure your safety.